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Digital Consulting

We'll help you find the right path, get results, and solve your toughest digital problems. Operating in a digital world isn't about moving fast and breaking things. It's about having a strategy and purpose in the way you deal with the issues that are getting in the way of growth. By bringing together our expertise with your in-house knowledge and skills, we can ensure you’re set up for success. Because with the right people, processes, strategies, and systems in place, you’re able to build better products and services, and delight your customers.
  • Architectural reviews that drive future growth and the roadmap to get you there.
  • Accelerating digital delivery to achieve effective, predictable, lasting value.
  • Shaping a product vision and strategy.
  • Digital Consulting

    IoT Solutions

    We’ll help you build the Internet of Things that will amaze your customers! Making things connected and smart is the trend that we see all around us - in our homes, in our cars, in our workplace. With many technologies available like 5G, LoRA, BLE, WiFi, Thread, hundreds of modules to pick from and making them connected this can be a real challenge in your organisation. With us and our proven record, we can help you architect solutions that are cost effective, scalable, and maintainable.
  • 5G, LoRA, BLE, WiFi, Thread.
  • Embedded & Cloud development.
  • IoT Solutions

    UX and Design

    Great UX should be simple and intuitive. Building it rarely is. Work with Ignit to design and develop exceptional user experiences that engage your customers, make them come back, and drive your growth!
  • Research and Insight - uncover the needs and desires that drive your users to inform design.
  • Prototyping - transform insights into something tangible, that can give you fast feedback.
  • Validation and Iteration - build feedback loops to test, optimise and adapt your designs to ensure constant improvement.
  • UX and Design

    Cloud and DevOps

    Modern software delivery and maintenance can be complex. Work with Iginit to build and deliver resilient, cloud native software at speed and scale. Cloud infrastructure is at the heart of digital transformation. It can enable organisational agility, making it easier to build and deliver products and services at scale. However, making it scalable, globally available, and resilient can be difficult. At the end cloud’s ability to drive growth and lower costs is only ever as successful as the people that enable it.
  • Enabling CI/CD processes - Improve software quality and delivery speed.
  • App modernisation - Increase application performance and reliability.
  • Infrastructure modernisation - Leverage automation, cost optimisation and refine your cloud strategy.
  • Monitoring - Improve the platform observability by creating visibility in your logs, processes, and infrastructure.
  • Cloud and DevOps

    Mobile application design, development and delivery

    Exceptional apps strengthen the customer relationship and satisfaction. Partner with Ignit to deliver apps that power your organisation and enable growth. We’ll work with you on the end-to-end process needed to deliver incredible apps - from strategy and user research to optimisation - to ensure you have the capabilities to iterate, evolve, and scale.
  • Mobile app development - Build easy to use, intuitive, and user-friendly mobile apps.
  • Go-to-market strategy - Build strong presence and deliver value via robust planning.
  • Mobile app delivery - Leverage the app stores capabilities to deploy your app with ease.
  • Customer Insights & Analytics - uncover the needs and desires that drive your users to highlight opportunities and sharpen efficiency.
  • Product research and design - Conduct research and ask the right questions to gain insights to inform design.
  • Mobile application design, development and delivery

    Digital Services

    Building digital services that last is something that we do! At Ignit our architects, product owners, developers and testers will help you deliver modern, scalable services that will be architected to fulfil your specific demands. We’ll help you create new and evolve existing software estate by partnering with you to develop and improve the platforms and capabilities that you need for future success.
  • Backend service development - From Java to Typescript, Serverless or containerized. We will help you pick best approaches to suit your requirements, based on specific business needs.
  • Integrations - Build with us solutions that integrate well in your enterprise landscape.
  • Provide secure, stable app maintenance - Avoid data leaks and reputational risks by staying in line with best-in-class security standards.
  • Digital Services

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